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When the student registers for classes, there is an Activity and Sports questionnaire that will be used to inform the respective coaches/advisers, so they can reach out to the student. Be sure to check the Alter website calendar in the Spring before they start their freshman year for any meetings that might be held for the upcoming year.

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Welcome from the Athletic Director

Dear Parents, Alumni, and Fans of Alter High School,

The Alter athletic department is gearing up for what we hope will be another exciting and challenging year in 2017-18.  Our teams hope to continue the tradition of excellence set over the years!  We’ve earned FIFTEEN State Championships (Girls’ Cross Country, Boys’ Soccer, Girls’ Soccer, Girls’ Basketball four times, Football twice and Boys’ Volleyball six times) and eight State Runners-Up (Girls’ Basketball twice, Girls’ Cross Country, Football twice, Boys’ Golf, Boys’ Soccer, Volleyball) during the last ten school years.  We’ve truly been blessed to earn TWENTY (team) State Championships since 2000 in eight different sports! 

Last fall, our girls’ and boys’ soccer teams each won a State Championship within 24 hours – what a weekend that was to be a Knight!  The girls’ basketball team capped off the season with their third straight State title in March.  In the spring, our boys’ volleyball team was dominating in their run to a FOUR-PEAT State championship!  Simply AMAZING!

We are also very proud of the all of our graduating seniors from the class of 2017 who are planning on competing at the college level in their respective sports beginning this fall.  We hope the life lessons they learned while competing at Alter will continue to serve them well!

It takes determination and commitment on the part of our student-athletes and coaches to maintain such an outstanding overall athletic program year in and year out.  It also takes a special commitment from our parents and supporters to make the program such a strong one.  Thanks to each of you for all you do to make the Alter athletic program a special one!

Go Knights!

Christina Hart

Athletic Director


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